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Machine Learning Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Product Analyst, Business Analyst. Python is the highest-paid language in the market right now. And we train you to get a job in this field. So now join our machine learning course and training.

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In this machine learning certification program, you will learn about the most effective machine learning techniques, and gain practice implementing them and getting them to work for yourself. More importantly, you’ll learn about not only the theoretical concepts of learning.

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Python is the highest-paid language in the market right now. and Machine Learning is growing right now with python. Python for machine learning is a great choice, as this language is very flexible. And we train you to get a job in this field. So now join our machine learning course and training.

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Python for machine learning is a great choice, as this language is very flexible. We all know that Python is the highest-paid language in the market right now. so start your online machine learning training and AI course with python programs. that fulfill the requirements of the company.

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Seldom India has a dedicated team of subject specialists and corporate professionals, and we having more than 7 years of experience in handling real-time best top 10 python training institutes in India.

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We provide the best Python course for machine learning certification and AI training certification institute in India practical and professional training on the latest software which fulfills the need of candidates or professionals.

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Enroll today for the Machine Learning python course and know everything about it. 

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Training Curriculum


Lecture 1.1 Introduction to machine learning
Lecture 1.2 Understanding the need
Lecture 1.3 Understanding big data and machine learning
Lecture 1.4 Introduction to python syntax and programming logics
Lecture 1.5 Deep dive with supervised,unsupervised and reinforcement learning
Lecture 1.6 Algo discussion with use case
Lecture 1.7 Popular ML framework like tensor flow,scikit learn


Lecture 2.1 Basic of python and why python for machine learning
Lecture 2.2 Installation of software on different OS
Lecture 2.3 Understanding basic syntax with data types
 Lecture 2.4 List , dictionary , tuple , string
Lecture 2.5 Extracting data from a file
Lecture 2.6 Committing your code to GITHUB


Lecture 3.1 Conditional Statements and Looping
Lecture 3.2 Functions and Modules
Lecture 3.3 File Handling
Lecture 3.4 Creating own modules and Library
Lecture 3.5 Web scraping with urllib2
Lecture 3.6 Grabbing system information from Popen and os library
Lecture 3.7 Scanning Network IP & MAC address with loops
Lecture 3.8 Introduction to Ipython with jupyter notebook
Lecture 3.9 Using jupyter notebook with Ipython & Python
Lecture 3.10 UDP Socket programming
Lecture 3.11 Exception & Signal handling
Lecture 3.12 Making chat program with UDP socket
Lecture 3.13 Extending chat programming
Lecture 3.14 Introduction to pandas
Lecture 3.15 Making dataframes with pandas
Lecture 3.16 Handling xls & csv files with pandas
Lecture 3.17 Loading and extracting existing xls files


Lecture 4.1 Introduction to Numpy & Matplotlib
 Lecture 4.2 Managing arrary with numpy
Lecture 4.3 Multidimensional array with numpy
Lecture 4.4 Unit matrix handling & creating
Lecture 4.5 Deleting indexes from matrix
Lecture 4.6 Deep dive with Matplotlib
Lecture 4.7 Drawing general purpose graphs
Lecture 4.8 Graphs with mathematics


Lecture 5.1 Supervised Learning lab with Hello World Program
Lecture 5.2 Running the installer and use case
Lecture 5.3 Jupyter notebook for machine learning
Lecture 5.4 Installation of jupyter notebook
Lecture 5.5 DecisionTree classifier implementation
Lecture 5.6 Practise lab with DecisionTree algo and number of examples
 Lecture 5.7 Making own algo with training data with python


Lecture 6.1 Types of learning
Lecture 6.2 Advice of applying machine learning
 Lecture 6.3 Machine learning System Design
 Lecture 6.4 DecisionTree algo deep dive
Lecture 6.5 Training your machine with real time datasets
Lecture 6.6 Deep dive with UCI
Lecture 6.7 Lab session for loading data from different apis
Lecture 6.8 Detecting data from numpy and converting for training and testing data
Lecture 6.9 Exercise with ML and others framework
Lecture 6.10 Introduction to iris datasets
Lecture 6.11 Understanding iris datasets
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Projects you will make in this training program

Create your own emoji with Python

The objective of this machine learning python course project is to classify human facial expressions and map them to emojis. You will build a convolution neural network to recognize facial expressions or emotions. Then you will map those expressions or emotions with the corresponding emojis or avatars

Loan Prediction using Machine Learning

The idea behind this online machine learning training project is to build a model that will classify how much loan the user can take. It is based on the user’s number of dependents, marital status, education, and employment. You can build a linear model for this project.

Titanic Survival Project

This will be a fun machine learning certification course project to build as you will be predicting whether someone would have survived. if they were in the titanic ship or not. For this machine learning course for beginners project, you will use the Titanic dataset that contains real data of the survivors and people who died in the Titanic ship.

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    Ranjeet Kumar

    I had joined here for industrial automation. it’s a great experience, training is very good! superb! Totally it’s a good centre for learner and job seeker……


    Rahul Vyas

    Best institute for automation (PLC,SCADA,HMI & AC DRIVE) and more course ..
    Thanks to Mr. Anil Sharma sir
    Best sir ,


    Chanchal Pradhan

    This is a very excellent learning institute. I got to learn new things that i would have been unaware .It just a few weeks and we have covered many advanced topics and technology as well.Anil sir is probably one of the best teachers from whom I have got the chance to learn ..


    Aman Jain

    Best institute at Jaipur (Seldom India)
    Many courses i.e PLC SCADA, HMI , AC DRIVE & AUTOCAD ELECTRICAL , JAVA , PYTHON and more
    Good experience with Mr Anil Sharma sir


    Vineet Kumar

    Yes, if you really want to build a good corporate career – seldom can be your destination. However, you need to put your best to thrive and stay afloat. The institute will give you all the exposure and avenues – you need to grab them. Faculty will be ready to be your mentor, you need to convince them. Placement opportunities will be there – you need to win them. all the best!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Seldom India is the most trustworthy best machine learning course online institute in Jaipur. We are offering full practical knowledge, with 100 percent placement assistance. we provide training from basic to advanced level complete best machine learning course in Jaipur.
    In Python Machine Learning Training is concepts of , Data Science , Predictive Analytics using Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Big Data Analytics etc.. it is in the artificial intelligence and machine learning courses
    1. It’s easy to understand and allows for quick data validation 2. It has a great library ecosystem 3. A low entry barrier 4. It’ very flexible. 5. It’ versatile 6. It’s easy to read 7. Growing popularity 8. Huge community
    One of the main reasons why Python is the preferred language for machine learning is its access to a large number of libraries. ... Since machine learning heavily relies on mathematical optimization, probability and statistics, Python libraries help data scientists perform various studies easily.
    There are many ways to get started in machine learning. You need to find the one way that works best for your preferred learning style. I teach a top-down and results-first approach to machine learning. The core of my approach is to get you to focus on the end-to-end process of working through a predictive modeling problem. In this context everything (or most things) starts to make sense.

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