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solve real-world problems using widely used deep learning techniques

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Structured learning

The Deep Learning Course adopts a bit by bit strategy to learning as we walk you through all the components of neural organizations, profound learning, and their application to PC vision and characteristic language handling. Consistently, the learning substance will be expanded by learning support meetings that will address your inquiries and guide you through activities.

World class faculty

Our workforce has been vital to the turn of events and far and a wide selection of best Deep Learning institutejaipur. They have instructed at the best foundations on the planet and have worked with any semblance of Yann LeCun, an establishing father of Convolutional Networks. Our staff has additionally gone through years sharpening their specialty in the monetary, auto, and medical services businesses.

Guided hands-on projects

Construct trust in your capacity to fabricate practical models through a progression of industry-important profound learning projects. These involved activities, with direction from the program's learning support group, will offer you a chance to learn by doing. Through this course, you will fabricate an ePortfolio to feature your ability to the world.

Deep Learning Training from Seldom India

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Live support sessions

join live section and asked you dout

Classroom Training

Learn form experts directly

80+ hours of learning

To start your career without any timeline.

7 Assignments & 3 Projects

Complete hands-on training

Expert Faculties

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Interview opportunities

We have designed the salesforce online course programs that fulfill the requirements of the company in the field of I.T. And the C.S. department. If you are interested to learn the deep learing training program then join our training.

Learn with live projects

We all know that deep learning is the paid language in the market right now. We have designed the deep learning online certification course programs that teach you on live projects. If you are interested to learn deep learning training then join us.

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You should join the seldom India deep learning training program which is a guide to achieve a great job opportunity with this job. so why are you waiting let's join our best deep learning training and institute in Jaipur?

We have trained employees in Top Companies like

What is the training procedure ?

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Complete assignments

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Batch Options

Live Online

Join Instructor-led live online training. 

Batch timing : 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM

Regular Classroom

Regular Classroom training. 

Batch timing: 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM (mon-sat)

Fast-track Classroom

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Batch timing : 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM 

solve real-world problems using widely used deep learning techniques

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Training Curriculum

Deep learning basics

Intro, History, capabilities, the perceptron
o Neural network learning: Back-Propagation
o Practical network training
o Autoencoders, Batch-normalization
o Why does it work? Overfitting and generalization

Convolutional neural networks:

o Intro to CNNs, Convolution, Correlation, FIltering.
o CNN architectures
o Detection and Segmentation
o Visualizing and Understanding
o Advanced CNNs for computer vision

Advanced Deep architectures:

o Recurrent Neural networks (RNNs)
o Advanced RNN: LSTM, GRU,
o Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
o Advanced GANs

Advanced topics, Recent papers, Influential papers

o Deep reinforcement learning
o Deep Learning: Good -> Great
o Visual Question Answering, Visual Dialog
o Novel deep methods (Deep internal learning, Deep image prior)
o Recent works
o How to stay updated?


o Tensorflow
o Pytorch

Practical sessions / Data challenges:

o Computer Vision
o Natural Language Processing (NLP )
o Sequence modeling
o Natural / Biological signals


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Experienced faculties

Projects you will make in this training program

Lung Cancer Detection

Cellular breakdown in the lungs has for some time been perhaps the most troublesome types of the illness to analyze. With specialists utilizing their eyes for location, the knobs are more earnestly to spot and accordingly, the disease is either distinguished past the point of no return or not recognized by any means. The knob can have an assortment of looks, and it takes specialists years to know all the various looks. 12 Sigma utilizes profound figuring out how to prepare an AI calculation that would assist specialists with examining CT check pictures all the more proficiently.


Detectron is Facebook AI Research's product framework that actualizes best in class Object Detection calculations. It is written in Python and controlled by the Caffe2 profound learning system. You can identify each article in a video and that excessively live. The objective of Detectron is to give a top notch, superior codebase for object identification research. It is intended to be adaptable to help quick usage and assessment of novel exploration. It contains in excess of 50 Pre-prepared models. It's an astounding Deep Learning Project.

Image Enlarging

Google Brain has contrived some new programming that can make definite pictures from minuscule, pixelated source pictures. Google's product, so, fundamentally implies the "zoom in… presently improve!" TV saying is really conceivable. To begin with, investigate the picture on the right. The left segment contains the pixelated 8×8 source pictures, and the middle segment shows the pictures that Google Brain's product had the option to make from those source pictures. For correlation, the genuine pictures are appeared in the correct section. As should be obvious, the product apparently removes a stunning measure of detail from only 64 source pixels. It's an astounding Deep Learning Project.

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    Ranjeet Kumar

    I had joined here for industrial automation. it’s a great experience, training is very good! superb! Totally it’s a good centre for learner and job seeker……


    Rahul Vyas

    Best institute for automation (PLC,SCADA,HMI & AC DRIVE) and more course ..
    Thanks to Mr. Anil Sharma sir
    Best sir ,


    Chanchal Pradhan

    This is a very excellent learning institute. I got to learn new things that i would have been unaware .It just a few weeks and we have covered many advanced topics and technology as well.Anil sir is probably one of the best teachers from whom I have got the chance to learn ..


    Aman Jain

    Best institute at Jaipur (Seldom India)
    Many courses i.e PLC SCADA, HMI , AC DRIVE & AUTOCAD ELECTRICAL , JAVA , PYTHON and more
    Good experience with Mr Anil Sharma sir


    Vineet Kumar

    Yes, if you really want to build a good corporate career – seldom can be your destination. However, you need to put your best to thrive and stay afloat. The institute will give you all the exposure and avenues – you need to grab them. Faculty will be ready to be your mentor, you need to convince them. Placement opportunities will be there – you need to win them. all the best!

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    Seldom India is the most trustworthy Deep Learning Training and institute in Jaipur. We are offering full practical knowledge, with 100 percent placement assistance. we provide training from basic to advanced level complete automation training in Jaipur.
    Seldom India is the most trustworthy Deep Learning Training Program institute in Jaipur. We are offering full practical knowledge, with 100 percent placement assistance. we provide training from basic to advanced level complete Deep Learning Training Program in Jaipur.
    Deep Learning is nothing but a paradigm of machine learning which has shown incredible promise in the recent years. This is because of the fact that Deep Learning shows great analogy with the functioning of the human brain. The superiority of the human brain is an evident fact, and it is considered to be the most versatile and efficient self-learning model that has ever been created.

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