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The way to effective specialized meetings is practice. In this course, you'll survey basic data structures and algorithms. You'll figure out how to disclose your answers for specialized issues. This course is ideal for you in the event that you've never enrolled in a class to study data structures and algorithms. It's likewise a decent boost in the event that you have some involvement in these points. You'll learn the concepts through video tutorials.

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Members in this preparation will figure out how to sort out and store information on a PC. Data Structure designs like clusters, stacks, lines, connected rundown, and trees are canvassed in detail. Various calculations for looking, hashing, and arranging are clarified with models and programming. Applicants find out about the uses of parallel hunt trees and charts.

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Data Structure Using C preparing centers around the meaning of information designs and calculations in PC programming and programming improvement. Active openness to Data Structure establishes a solid framework in creating programs. As indicated by the genuine situation, a knowledgeable competitor can recognize which information design to be utilized to drive streamlined outcomes.

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We provide extraordinary classes to our students by Highly competent and dedicated faculty.

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Training Curriculum


  1. Concept Data Structure
  2. Example
  3. Need of Data structure
  4. Advantages of using DS

Algorithm & Pseudocode:

  1. Algorithm Definition
  2. Characteristics of algorithm
  3. Elements of algorithm
  4. Pseudocode example
  5. Difference of Algorithm & Pseudocode


  1. What is function
  2. Types of function
  3. How function works
  4. Function recursion and how it works.


  1. Concept of Array
  2. Types of array
  3. Basic Programs
  4. Array with Functions
  5. Single & 2-dimensional array in function


  1. Pointer Basics
  2. Pointer with functions
  3. Call by reference
  4. Array of pointers & pointer to array &


  1. Understanding about Structure
  2. Pointer structure variable
  3. Structure as function argument
  4. using call by member value
  5. hole structure and call by
  6. passing reference of structure.


  1. Operations on Stack
  2. Array & Linked Representation
  3. Programs on stack
  4. Push & Pop operations
  5. Traversing.

Applications of Stack :

  1. Arithmetic Expression Evaluation
  2. Notations, Infix
  3. Postfix, Prefix
  4. Conversion infix to post fix
  5. Conversion postfix to infix
  6. Evaluation of Postfix and Pre fix using


  1. Operations on Queue
  2. Array & Linked Representation
  3. Programs on stack
  4. Insert & Delete operations
  5. Circular queue
  6. Rrepresentation
  7. Deque
  8. Priority Queue
  9. Application of queue.


  1. Concept of linked list
  2. Difference of linklist & array
  3. Single linked list
  4. Representation
  5. Operations
  6. Traversing
  7. Insertion(first node, last node, at a
    position, after a node value)
  8. Deletion(first node, last node, at a position,
    after a node value)
  9. Double linked list
  10. Representation
  11. Operations, traversing
  12. Insertion (first node, last node, at a
    position, after a node value)
  13. Deletion (first node, last node, at a
    position, after a node value)
  14. Circular link list & header link list example


  1. Tree terminology
  2. Binary tree
  3. Complete Binary Tree
  4. Binary search tree
  5. Tree Traversals
  6. Creation of Binary Tree from traversal
  7. Expression Tree & expression
  8. Binary Search Tree
  9. Insertion & deletion in BST(Program)
  10. AVL Tree, M-way Search Tree
  11. B+ tree, Insertion & deletion.


  1. Graph terminology
  2. Representation of graphs
  3. Path matrix
  4. Graph Traversal
  5. BFS (breadth first search)
  6. DFS (depth first search)
  7. Minimum spanning Tree
  8. Kruskal’s Algorithm & Prim’s Algorithm
  9. Warshall’s algorithm (shortest path

Hashing & Searching:

  1. Linear and binary search methods
  2. Hash functions
  3. Hashing techniques & Chaining.


  1. Bubble sort
  2. Selection sort
  3. Insertion sort
  4. Quick sort
  5. Merge sort
  6. Heap sort
  7. Radix sort
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Projects you will make in this training program

Heap insertion time

When searching for information structure projects, you need to experience particular issues being settled with inventive methodologies. One such remarkable examination question concerns the normal case inclusion time for double-store information structures. As indicated by some online sources, it is consistent time, while others suggest that it is log(n) time.

Knight’s travails

In this undertaking, we will comprehend two calculations in real life – BFS and DFS. BFS represents Breadth-First Search and uses the Queue information design to locate the most brief way. While, DFS alludes to Depth-First Search and crosses Stack information structures.

Phone directory application using doubly-linked lists

This undertaking can show the working of contact book applications and furthermore instruct you about information structures like exhibits, connected records, stacks, and lines. Commonly, the telephone directory of the executives includes looking, arranging, and erasing activities. A particular element of the hunt questions here is that the client sees proposals from the contact list in the wake of entering each character. You can peruse the source-code of uninhibitedly accessible tasks and repeat the equivalent to build up your abilities.

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    Aman Jain

    Best institute at Jaipur (Seldom India)
    Many courses i.e PLC SCADA, HMI , AC DRIVE & AUTOCAD ELECTRICAL , JAVA , PYTHON and more
    Good experience with Mr Anil Sharma sir


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Seldom India is the most trustworthy Data Structure Training institute in Jaipur. We are offering full practical knowledge, with 100 percent placement assistance. we provide training from basic to advanced level complete training in Jaipur.
    Seldom India is the most trustworthy Data Structure Training institute in Jaipur. We are offering full practical knowledge, with 100 percent placement assistance. we provide training from basic to advanced level complete training in Jaipur.
    In the event that you wish to learn information constructions and calculations, one of the requirements is to have a center comprehension of C language, as it causes you acquire bits of knowledge into information structures. One can likewise put some time in programming in Java, C++ or Python. Additionally, information structures calculation programming requires essential information on ideas like circles, legacy, polymorphism, exhibits, strings, memory allotment and pointers. A simple comprehension of science and thinking encourages you handle ideas far superior.
    A fundamental program has three stages; an information, a cycle and a yield. To make the program quick and effective, it should be advanced. This is the place where Data designs and Algorithms contribute. Information structures stores the information in an organized arrangement with the goal that it very well may be effortlessly handled and shown. Calculations then again help in lessening memory space and interaction the information quickly. As the program intricacy builds, Data constructions and calculations become exceptionally vital in improving the exhibition of the program.
    The idea of information designs and calculations resembles a programming language, you improve with more practice. It will take you around 1 year to build up a usable capability in DSA.

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