Microsoft Excel is one of the greatest, most powerful, most important software applications of all time. It provides enormous capacity to do quantitative analysis, letting you do anything from statistical analysis of databases with hundreds of thousands of records to complex estimation tools with user-friendly front ends.

Excel is everywhere you look in the business world especially in areas where people are adding up numbers a lot, like marketing, business development, sales, and, of course finance. Weather it is about extracting data from back-end systems and shoving it around in Excel spreadsheets, r compiling data from the field, it is there everywhere.

Ask any working professionals, person unaware of excel is just treated as Second Grade Citizen, In-spite of having all the experience you have gathered in the decades or the degrees you have earned over the years or of the matter of the fact all the awards lying in your showcase, all are worth less if you do not know speedy work on your workstation.

Reporting is the new dragon of the corporate world, no matter in which position you work, you have to report, may be to your boss, or to your stake holders, or to your clients, but have to report. No one allows you to sleep without reporting.

  • Speedy data analysis
  • Better Understanding of MIS
  • Time Saving in Office Work
  • Reaching deep into data and seeing the unseen truth of your business.
  • Learn to Create Smart Solution for your daily office work


MS Excel Training Program: MOD III – Superlative Excel with VB Macros

  • MS Excel VBA Macro Training Course - Lesson 1: Understanding VBA
    • VBA terminology.
    • About objects.
    • Accessing the Microsoft Excel object model.
    • Using the immediate window.
    • Working with object collections.
    • Setting property values.
    • Working with worksheets.
    • Using the object browser.
    • Programming with the object browser.
  • MS Excel VBA Macro Training Course - Lesson 2: Using the VBA editor
    • The VBA editor.
    • Opening and closing the editor.
    • Working with the project explorer.
    • Working with the properties window.
    • Working with the work area.
    • Working with a code module.
    • Setting breakpoints in the editor.
    • Stepping through a procedure.
  • MS Excel VBA Macro Training Course - Lesson 3: Procedures
    • About procedures.
    • Creating a command procedure.
    • Making sense of intellisense.
    • Using the edit toolbar.
    • Commenting statements.
    • Indenting code.
    • Bookmarking in procedures.
  • MS Excel VBA Macro Training Course - Lesson 4: Using variables
    • Understanding variables.
    • Creating and using variables.
    • Implicit and explicit declarations.
    • The scope of variables.
    • Procedure level scoping.
    • Module level scoping.
    • Passing variables by reference.
    • Passing variables by value.
    • Data types.
    • Declaring data types.
    • Using arrays.
  • MS Excel VBA Macro Training Course - Lesson 5: User defined functions
    • About functions.
    • Creating simple user-defined functions.
    • Using user-defined functions.
    • Using multiple arguments.
    • Modifying a function.
    • Creating a function library.
  • MS Excel VBA Macro Training Course - Lesson 6: Using Microsoft Excel objects
    • Application methods and properties.
    • Workbook methods and properties.
    • Viewing Microsoft Excel and the editor together.
    • Using workbook objects.
    • Worksheets methods and properties.
    • Using worksheet objects.
    • Range methods and properties.
    • Using range objects.
    • Using objects in a procedure.
  • MS Excel VBA Macro Training Course - Lesson 7: Programming techniques
    • The msgbox function.
    • Sending messages to the user.
    • Inputbox techniques.
    • Using the inputbox function.
    • Using the inputbox method: the if statement Using if for single conditions.
    • Using if for multiple conditions.
    • The select case statement.
    • Using the select case statement for loop.
    • Looping with known or specified iterations.
    • The do...loop statement.
    • Looping with unknown iterations.
  • MS Excel VBA Macro Training Course - Lesson 8: Creating custom forms
    • About custom forms.
    • Creating a custom form.
    • Adding text boxes to a form.
    • Changing text box control.
    • Properties.
    • Adding label controls to a form.
    • Adding a combo box control.
    • Adding option buttons.
    • Adding command buttons.
    • Running a custom form.
  • MS Excel VBA Macro Training Course - Lesson 9: Programming user forms
    • Handling form events.
    • Initialising a form.
    • Closing a form.
    • Project transferring data from a form.
    • Running form procedures.
    • Creating error checking procedures.
    • Running a form from a procedure.
    • Creating quick access toolbar buttons.
  • MS Excel VBA Macro Training Course - Lesson 10: Automatic start up
    • Programming automatic procedures.
    • Running automatic procedures.
    • Automatically starting a workbook.

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