The buying journey that prospects take today is completely unlike the one they followed five years ago. For example, buyers are often doing their own online research, initiating contact and leap-frogging over traditional steps in the buying cycle. If your company's sales training programs haven't evolved alongside these changes in buyer behavior, you could find yourself increasingly out of touch.

Far beyond basic skills training, sellers must learn how to engage and execute with customers and prospects at this new pace of business – and in a way that solves real business problems. By building precision into each interaction, you can replicate success and ultimately get even closer to your customers.

Our sales training programs leverage a holistic, customer-centric approach that helps you target complex sales opportunities and create a path to providing successful sales solutions. Based on real-world customer scenarios and requirements, this approach focuses your time and resources where you have the greatest chance to succeed.

  • Bring your entire customer relationship into view so you can address discrepancies, fine-tune your interactions and enhance collaboration
  • Employ a common language approach to sales techniques and repeatable structure to providing sales strategy and sales solutions that improve the way you evaluate and manage opportunities
  • Differentiate and professionalize your sales force, while gaining a trusted adviser status among your customer base
    Improve close rates; lower the cost of sales and speed sales cycles
  • Build and sustain long-term customer relationships
  • Work more productively and execute more precisely for more profitable results

Sales Target Achievement Training Course Outline

  • Sales Target Achievement Training Course - Lesson 1: Ultimate Objection Handling
    • Identify their top 5 objections.
    • Use 2 methods to create several powerful responses for each objection.
    • Use the group’s experience to brainstorm responses.
    • Use an advanced strategy to respond with clarifying questions.
  • Sales Target Achievement Training Course - Lesson 2: Disqualifying & Qualifying Prospects
    • Recognize how poor prospects drain sales reps of valuable time, physical and emotional energy, and money in lost commissions.
    • Determine the criteria for their ideal prospect.
    • Identify and practice using questions that will DQ (disqualify) a prospect.
    • Craft responses that will enable them to graciously say “no” to a prospect.
  • Sales Target Achievement Training Course - Lesson 3: Questioning Skills
    • Use questions to evoke emotion.
    • Lead with softening statements.
    • Dig deeper.
    • Identify the types of and times for questions.
    • Select their 5 power questions.
  • Sales Target Achievement Training Course - Lesson 4: Generating Leads
    • Implement a strategy to always ask for referrals.
    • Create a list of their top lead-generation sources.
    • Walk away with a “Lead-Generation Plan” that identifies their top 3 to 5 ideas and when they will implement them.
  • Sales Target Achievement Training Course - Lesson 5: Value-Based vs. Problem-Cantered Selling
    • Recognize whether people are “to” or “away.”
    • Learn and develop questions that identify the buyer type.
    • Design distinct language choices for each buyer type.
    • Identify techniques to help the buyer quantify his decision.
  • Sales Target Achievement Training Course - Lesson 6: The Opening Strategy
    • Identify 3 aspects of a behavior contract.
    • Write their own behavior contract.
    • Practice using their behavior contract.
  • Sales Target Achievement Training Course - Lesson 7: Getting Past the Gatekeeper
    • Identify gatekeepers.
    • Identify 7 strategies for getting past gatekeepers.


2 Days of Training
6 Hours of Training Daily

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