C, C++ & OOPS Concepts have been the main languages asked in the interview to cheque the Logic building capability & reasoning of any technically qualified person from decades. The grip over these languages not only opens the door to the industry for any candidate but also it helps them to gain quick success in their career. Any Engineer without having deep knowledge on these topics will find it very difficult to grab good opportunities coming their way. Moreover any aspirant aspiring to start their own venture will also find these concepts very useful in the any logic building in life.


‘C’ is a general-purpose programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie. Like most of the procedural language, C has the specialized feature for structured programming, allows variable scope and recursion. One good thing about C programming is, it enables mapping of constructs to machine instruction thereby requiring very minimal run-time support, and so it is widely used in application development.

C is one of the main programming languages being used for more than 2 decades and C compilers are also available for most of the computer architecture and Operating Systems. C programming is still popular for its simplicity of expression, compactness of the code, wide range of applicability and limitless flexibility it has to offers.

C++ is an excellent general purpose programming language build with Object oriented programming Paradigm. It is mostly regarded as intermediate level programming language as it has the features of both low-level and high-level programming. It is one of the powerful programming language implemented and used widely on many hardware’s and operating systems. C++ has greatly influenced by other object oriented languages like Java, C# .net etc.,

  • Experience shared for our very experienced faculty from industry will be an eye opener for you.
  • Learn OOP Concepts, their importance & usefulness
  • C & C++ industrial basics & their implementation
  • Our unique collection of top 50 questions for Interview series helps you to crack any interview.
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OOP Training Course - Lesson 1: Introduction to C language

OOP Training Course - Lesson 2: Data Types and Variables

OOP Training Course - Lesson 3: Input /Output Management

OOP Training Course - Lesson 4: Control-flow Statements

OOP Training Course - Lesson 5: Modular Programming with Functions

OOP Training Course - Lesson 6: Arrays & Pointers

OOP Training Course - Lesson 7: Structures and Dynamic Memory Allocation

OOP Training Course - Lesson 8: The Pre-processor and Multiple-file Compilation

OOP Training Course - Lesson 9: File Input/output

OOP Training Course - Lesson 10: Strings

OOP Training Course - Lesson 11: The case Control Structure

OOP Training Course - Lesson 12: C++ Overview

OOP Training Course - Lesson 13: Functions and Variables

OOP Training Course - Lesson 14: Classes in C++

OOP Training Course - Lesson 15: Operator Overloading

OOP Training Course - Lesson 16: Initialization and Assignment

OOP Training Course - Lesson 17: Storage Management

OOP Training Course - Lesson 18: Inheritance Polymorphism Input and Output in C++ Programs

OOP Training Course - Lesson 19: Exceptions Templates Advanced Featured

Top 50 Interview Questions from to OOP, C & C++


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