One of the biggest obstacles that hinder the growth of managers today is their inability to judge the financial strength of their strategic inputs. This handicap results from a lack of financial background. The ability to assimilate financial data is an invaluable asset in your career. It helps you identify and analyse business opportunities, assess financial risks and most importantly, evaluate your own ideas through a financial lens.

Our program provides an understanding of basic concepts of accounting and finance to persons from non finance background. It gives an insight on how financial data is used to make business decisions, while understanding its financial implications. In addition, the ability to interpret financial information will help to understand resource acquisition and allocation, and communicate more effectively with the firm's financial managers.

  • Provides an understanding of the basic financial accounting terms and concepts like financial statements - balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, that firms use to describe their businesses
  • Helps use the correct approach for simple ratios that capture key elements of firm performance and construct financial statements
  • Provides a thorough working knowledge of critical financial principles in an easy to follow manner

Non Finance to Finance Training Course Outline: MOD I

  • Non Finance to Finance Training Course - Lesson 1: Concept of Double Entry system of Book Keeping
    • Journals
    • Ledgers
    • Trial Balance
    • Profit n Loss A/c
    • Balance sheet
    • Understanding Balance Sheet
    • Ratio Analysis
  • Non Finance to Finance Training Course - Lesson 2: Working Capital
    • Concept
    • Management and assessment of Working Capital
    • Current Assets
  • Non Finance to Finance Training Course - Lesson 3: Concepts of Costs
    • Fixed Cost
    • Variable Costs
    • Semi variable Costs.
  • Non Finance to Finance Training Course - Lesson: 4 Project Financing
    • Capital Structure
    • Assessment and Selection of Projects
    • Pay back period
    • Accounting Rate of Return
    • IRR-internal rate of return
  • Non Finance to Finance Training Course - Lesson 5: Reading the Understanding
    • Concepts on Finance & Banking
    • Queries on Companies


2 Days of Training 6 Hours of Training Daily English
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The program was really very interactive

Vikas Narian
Bhavani NIketan Engineering College Jaipur