You’ve worked hard to develop world-class expertise in your field, and you've been rewarded with a management position that brings a new set of possibilities. Mastering the art and science of effective management requires an additional set of skills—skills that, when mastered, can transform the challenging task of management into something profoundly satisfying. Our New Manager Base Camp is here to move you forward quickly, so you can inspire and engage others, and motivate your team to achieve great things.

Leading and Developing Others
How do you ensure that your team members are excited about their work, the team, the company? How do you manage difficult people? What do you do about conflicts between team members? How do you lead people who were your peers yesterday?

Team Structure
How many people can you effectively manage? How do you determine roles for team members? How do you manage dispersed, multi-cultural teams? What is technology's impact on organizational structure and business processes?

Time Management
How do you balance team management, planning for the future, and day-to-day decision making? How do you keep your team focused without micromanaging?  How do you manage with limited resources?

Hiring and Firing
How do you find good people and assess if they are a fit for your team? How do you take action when you have a poor fit – quickly, professionally, and without threat of lawsuit?

Leading Through Rapport
How do you harness the power of communication?

New Manager’s Base Camp Training Course Outline

  • New Manager’s Base Camp Training Course - Lesson 1: Understanding your Challenges as a New Manager
    • Reflect on, and define, your personal challenges as a new manager.
    • Challenges of your personality and leadership style,
    • Challenges of your team profile
    • Challenges of your assigned priorities
    • Challenges of your organization's structure, culture and operating norms.
  • New Manager’s Base Camp Training Course - Lesson 2: Your Leadership Style
    • What you, as a leader, can do to enhance your team’s effectiveness
    • Understanding your leadership approach (your leadership style profile)
    • Adjusting your leadership approach to better implement your team’s objectives and execute your organization’s strategy
  • New Manager’s Base Camp Training Course - Lesson 3: Leading Through Rapport
    • Leading through creating greater interpersonal rapport.
    • Focus on active listening
    • Interpersonal status behaviors
  • New Manager’s Base Camp Training Course - Lesson 4: Dynamic Teams
    • Team challenges and pain points,
    • Profiles of effective (and ineffective) teams,
    • How to organize and lead multi-cultural, geo-distributed teams
    • Critical actions steps that can keep your team aligned and productive.
  • New Manager’s Base Camp Training Course - Lesson 5: Managing your Team, Influencing Direct Reports
    • How to lead your team for optimal results and success.
    • What motivates each member and
    • How to influence them to contribute their best,
  • New Manager’s Base Camp Training Course - Lesson 6: Working Effectively in Geo-distributed Teams
    • Managerial experiences to grow and effectively manage a geo-distributed team
    • Learn from how start-ups, outsourcing multinationals and open-source-geo-distributed organizations manage themselves
  • New Manager’s Base Camp Training Course - Lesson 7: Solutions to Management Challenges
    • Critical challenges and lessons
    • Team leadership: How many people can you effectively manage?
    • How much time should you spend with your team?
    • How do you guide your team without micro-managing?
    • Time Management: How do you manage the time constraint of hiring and managing while still working on your own projects AND strategizing for the future?


2 Days of Training
6 Hours of Training Daily

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The program was really very interactive

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