All too often, we view negotiation as an innate skill, something that we are either born with or without. But the truth is that we can learn and improve the art of negotiation. Your ability to negotiate effectively and achieve defined objectives is critical to your business success. We've all seen unresolved conflicts derail even the most important projects, resulting in costly delays. You’ll emerge from this program with a powerful, highly effective and ethical style of negotiation, along with the practical skills.

We are all experienced negotiators, and we face challenging and complex problems of persuasion and influence on a daily basis. We buy and sell, manage workers and work for managers, deal with friends, family, colleagues, merchants, organisations, and institutions all the time. Successful negotiation requires agreement and collaboration with other people. Since other stakeholders do not often have the same interests, perceptions and values as the negotiator does, skill is needed, professionally and personally.


Negotiations are all pervasive and yet they often do not go as well as we would like. During the Negotiation Dynamics programme you will look at some of the reasons for falling short of success and what can be done about them. In three intensive days, you will develop your personal negotiation style in a challenging, action-oriented international environment.

  • How to evaluate your current negotiation approaches and develop new frameworks
  • How to identify what information you need to negotiate effectively
  • Key negotiation concepts of evaluating alternatives, interests, and parties, and how to convert opponents into partners
  • An appreciation for the difference between value claiming and value creating and how to “enlarge the pie”

Negotiation Skills Training Course Outline

  • Time Management Training Course - Lesson 1: Introduction
    • Get acquainted with the team members
    • Understand your own expectations from the program
  • Time Management Training Course - Lesson 2: Understanding Negotiation
    • Identify what negotiation is and what negotiation is and what it is not
    • Different types of negotiation
    • What constitutes a win –win negotiation?
  • Time Management Training Course - Lesson 3: A Model of Negotiation
    • Mastenbroek Model of negotiation - Four elements of model
    • Characteristics of a constructive negotiator
  • Time Management Training Course - Lesson 4: Negotiation Personality Types
    • Four different personalities of negotiators
    • Understanding and dealing with the different personality types
  • Time Management Training Course - Lesson 5: The Negotiation process
    • Three important steps of negotiation- Planning, execution and strengthening
  • Time Management Training Course - Lesson 6: Reading non- Verbal Communication
    • Role of non- verbal communication in a negotiation.
    • Basic techniques to read and interpret body language
  • Time Management Training Course - Lesson 7: The art of closing
    • Aspects involved in closing a negotiation
    • Maintaining relationships post the negotiation process
  • Time Management Training Course - Lesson 8: Action Plan
    • Action planning


2 Days of Training
6 Hours of Training Daily

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The program was really very interactive

Vikas Narian
Bhavani NIketan Engineering College Jaipur