Internet of Things, or IoT in short, is the idea of making devices and objects smarter by linking them to the internet. With IoT you could, for example have a fridge notify you when there’s no milk. IoT has promising applications for smart homes, wearable devices, smart cities, connected cars and more.

This course introduces you to the amazing world of IoT and its fascinating applications. Using a Raspberry Pi computer and a DHT sensor, you will develop an electronic device that streams temperature and humidity data over the internet.

You can program the system in such a way that say whenever the temperature exceeds a certain limit, the device will automatically send an email notification! Apart from gaining practical skills on the Internet of Things, by doing this project you will learn about the Raspberry Pi development platform which is popular among people who love innovative projects.

  • IoT Services, Architecture, Data Analytics
  • Arduino
  • Peripherals: LED, Buzzer, LCD, Motors
  • Sensors: IR, Light, Temperature, Gas, Sound, Ultrasonic
  • XBee, Bluetooth, WiFi, GUI,
  • Raspberry Pi,
  • Web Development

Introduction to Python,Raspberry_Pi and IoT

  • Introduction to Python Language
  • What is Raspberry_Pi?
  • Introduction to its various OS
  • What is Raspbian
  • Introduction to IoT
  • Historical Background, Features, Applications & Scope
  • Significance & Relevance of the Training in Industry
  • Why TechieNest for this Training?
  • Distributing Software and student material
  • Introduction to Python versions and their differences
  • Various Python IDLEs
  • Features of Command Window & Script Window
  • Basic Python Commands & Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Defining Editing and Clearing Variables & Checking for existence
  • How statements work without making use of Semicolon(;) in Python
  • Practical 1: My First Python Program

Basics of Python Programming

  • Mathematical operations & operators
  • Python Data Types and Basic I/O operations
  • Data type conversion
  • Various python functions and their uses
  • Difference between script and functions
  • Creating and running user defined functions
  • Python conditions
  • Loops in Python
  • Loop control statements
  • Practical 2: Scientific Calculator

Working with Raspberry_Pi

  • Introduction to Raspberry_Pi Hardware
  • Concept of open source
  • Installing and starting Raspberry_Pi
  • Installing XRDP and updating Pi
  • Understanding the Raspberry_Pi Layout
  • Writing program to access GPIO pins
  • Glowing multiple patterns on LEDs
  • Motors: types, Driver circuit, connections and controlling directions
  • Practical 3: Generating Sandglass pattern

LCD display on Raspberry_Pi

  • Configuration of display
  • Connections of LCD
  • Accessing location to display
  • Display various data on LCD
  • Rotation of text on LCD
  • Animation of character


  • IR sensor, interfacing and working
  • Practical 4: Sensor based bot
  • Sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensor: Distance measurement
  • Temperature Sensor

Circuit Switching

  • Electromechanical switching
  • Relay and its type
  • Practical 5: Automatically real time appliances switching Water Level
  • controller

Introducing IoT

  • IoT, its feature, use and scope
  • CLI and GUI format of interaction
  • Connecting Pi using Putty

IP addressing, Network, Topologies

  • What is IP?
  • Client/Server
  • Public and private network
  • IP allocation and security
  • Data transfer from a place to another in a network
  • Telnet and its application

Accessing Pi through web

  • Configuring Pi for web account
  • Connecting Pi to the internet
  • IP Address setting
  • Bidirectional way of communication using web and accessing GPIOs
  • Port Forwarding in network
  • Operating Pi from any remote location

Accessing database

  • Python xlwt
  • Python xlrd
  • Cells and string in spreadsheet
  • Reading and writing different sheets
  • Introducing local database
  • Accessing different data types
  • Practical 6: Creating and accessing the database of your class

Sending email through Raspberry Pi

  • Introduction to smtp library
  • Configuring Pi for smtp protocol
  • Changing security level of email account
  • Port addresses of email servers
  • Transport layer security
  • Sending email-

Practical 7: Preparing a security system when security is breached.

Project 1: Health Monitoring System

Project 2: Smart Bin

Project 3: Real-Time Remote home automation system with Cam Security

Project 4: Weather forecasting system

Project 5: Pipeline flow controlling and management

30 Hours of Training 

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