Industrial Solar Training

Regulators across the globe are increasingly introducing stringent standards of energy efficiency. Unpredictable fluctuations in both the energy market and fuel prices have underlined the value of energy efficiency for business operations. 

Solar training will become increasingly useful to businesses in making executives and employees aware of the positive impact of energy savings and the business benefits they can bring. An energy management system helps businesses develop an energy efficiency policy and objectives that meet legal requirements.

To satisfy your specific needs and anticipate regulatory requirements, Seldom India offers a wide range of energy management training courses for employees at all levels of your organization. All courses are delivered to the highest levels of expertise, integrity, and professionalism. Our energy management training courses are designed for various groups and interest including students.

Almost every manufacturing company is adopting energy management to survive in highly competitive market. So all these companies required trained engineers for design and maintenance of this process means high requirement of Engineers all over the globe.

Our training courses can be conducted as public courses or in-house and tailored to meet your specific requirements. Similarly, they can be contracted as one-off programs or form part of our energy management consultancy services. Our training consultants are pleased to discuss the most appropriate courses for your business needs. Whether you are working towards certification or requiring technical support to improve your energy efficiency, our energy management experts are ready to share their experiences and professional guidance.

  • Understand the concepts of Solar Energy
  • Learn the ways to understand its implementation.
  • Discover how to achieve overall energy goals within your campus or enterprise
  • Examine the keys to improved energy outcomes
  • Explore the challenges and benefits of various technologies
  • Investigate proven technology and implementation approaches to help you evaluate multiple project options and secure the best return on investment for your facility

Industrial Solar Training Workshop Course Outline


Power Generation

  • Basic Concepts

  • Power Generation

  • Video Presentation on Power Generation by Nuclear, Thermal, Hydro Methods

  • Why Single Phase

  • Why Three Phase

  • Why 11KV

  • Why 33 KV

  • Safety Phenomena


Basic Electrical & Electronics components

  • Basic RLC

  • Transistor

  • Diode

  • IC(555,op-amp,regulater)

  • SCR

  • Sensors(LDR,reedswitch,UV,Temp sensors)

Power supply and sensor interfacing

  • Design 12v Regulated power supply on bread board. (AC to DC)

  • Sensors interface using 555(LDR,reedswitch,UV,temp sensor)

  • NO/NC RLC and contactor

  • Definition

  • Types of RLC & Contactor

  • Motor starter circuit using RLC & Contactor

Industrial Sensor

  • Proximate sensor

  • Temperature Sensor(RTD, Thermocouple, Thermistor)

  • Capacitor Sensor

  • Inductive Sensor

Renewable energy (Thermal,Wind,Solar)

  • Definition

  • Advantage and disadvantage

  • Industrial application

  • Principal &Working

  • Future scope

Solar energy

  • Definition

  • Solar system description

  • Solar Panel

  • Solar Charger controller

  • Solar Battery

  • Solar inverter

  • AC/DC load

Solar testing tools

  • Compass and GPS

  • Multimeter

  • Ammeter

  • Voltmeter

  • Clamp meter

  • Incline meter

  • PH meter

  • Crimp tool

How to setup a solar system

  • Solar panel --> Solar Charger --> Solar battery --> solar inverter -->AC/DC load

Automation in Solar system

  • Solar monitoring system using PLC-SCADA

Practical session

  • Regulator power supply

  • Sensors interfacing using 555 IC

  • Solar charger controller circuit

  • Solar Inverter circuit

  • Solar Panel series & parallel connection

  • Solar battery series & parallel connection

  • Development of Solar PV cell, PV module and PV array

  • Installation of whole solar system

  • Solar tracking system

  • Solar mobile charger

  • Automatic Solar street Light

  • PLC-SCADA communication with solar system


60 Days of Training
3 Hours of Training Daily

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