A pragmatic update of the basic and current issues in human resource management, this series will prepare practitioners on the roles and responsibilities of the HR function. It is particularly useful as a refresher class for those solely responsible for the day-to-day operations of Human Resources or for newer professionals wanting to strengthen and expand their knowledge of this growing, dynamic field.

In this workshop we will be emphasizing on practicing and applying concepts, tools, and techniques used in the human resource function. The series is delivered in 8 interactive sessions. The practicum component of each session allows participants to work on active issues with feedback from the group.

Our program provides an understanding of basic overview of all parts of Human Resource Management to persons working in a particular division of Human Resource Function. It gives an insight on how HR Management is used to make decisions related to employees, while understanding its implications. In addition, the ability to interpret performance & behavior will help to understand resource acquisition and allocation, and communicate more effectively with the firm's managers.

  • Provides an understanding of the basic Human Resource terms and concepts
  • Helps use the correct approach for Performance Analysis Employee Benefit calculations & Employee retention , that capture key elements of firm performance and construct growth statements
  • Provides a thorough knowledge of critical HR principles in an easy to apply manner

Human Resource Manager’s Training Program Outline

  • Human Resource Manager’s Training Program - Session 1: Overview of the HR Role
    • HR management - The emerging role of HR
    • The strategic planning process
    • developing the organization culture, diversity           
    • succession planning
    • overview of employment law
  • Human Resource Manager’s Training Program - Session 2: Staffing and Recruiting
    • Applicant sourcing
    • Recruiting on the Internet
    • Interviewing
    • Selection
    • Applicant communications,
    • Applicant tracking
    • Reference and background checks
    • Pre-employment testing
    • Turnover and retention
  • Human Resource Manager’s Training Program - Session 3: Employee Rights and Discipline
    • Performance management and appraisal
    • Dispute resolution
    • Maintaining morale
    • Team building
    • The disciplinary process, termination, content and use of an employee handbook
  • Human Resource Manager’s Training Program - Session: 4 Compensation
    • Job descriptions
    • Job analysis
    • Fair Labour Standards Act
    • Salary surveys
    • Wage and salary structures
    • Broad banding
  • Human Resource Manager’s Training Program - Session 5: Benefits
    • Linking pay to performance
    • Incentive plans
    • Merit plans
    • Basic benefit plans
    • Trends in benefits
    • Benefits communications
  • Human Resource Manager’s Training Program - Session 6: Health, Safety and Security
    • Legal requirements for workplace safety and health
    • Worker's compensation
    • Overview and record keeping requirements
    • Workplace violence
    • Life threatening illnesses
  • Human Resource Manager’s Training Program - Session 7: Training and Development
    • New hire orientation
    • Training needs assessment
    • Approaches to training
    • Training media
    • The psychology of learning
    • Evaluating training effectiveness
  • Human Resource Manager’s Training Program - Session 8: HR Effectiveness
    • Employee attitude surveys
    • Exit interviews
    • Benchmarking and assessment
    • HR audits
    • Employee suggestion programs
    • HRIS as a measurement tool
    • Using the internet as a resource
    • Networking through professional organizations


2 Days of Training
6 Hours of Training Daily

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The program was really very interactive

Vikas Narian
Bhavani NIketan Engineering College Jaipur