Our course begins from Basics of Drives & Automation to Project Management & Execution. We will train you both in the classroom and on the job. Our main aim is to ensure that you acquire expertise in product competency, engineering and project execution, with hands-on experience. The courses are conducted in small groups to provide hands-on and on the job training that ensures maximum learning success.

Almost every manufacturing company is adopting industrial automation to survive in highly competitive market. So all these companies required trained engineers for design and maintenance of these automation process, means high requirement of automation Engineers all over the globe.

With the increased usage of AC Drives in Lifts, Escalators, HVAC used in Shopping Malls, Airports, Auditoriums, and large covered industrial offices & spaces the demand for Installation, Maintenance, Sales engineers from this filed is growing rapidly.

As a result of recent up-turn in the industry, once again new companies had started establishing their unit & industries, as the industry grows, the demand to design, and establish this industry grows. Panels being the integral part of electrical systems in any industry, has enormous opportunities for the engineers to grow as professional in this field, as entrepreneurs, employees

We have designed the training programs which fulfil the requirements of the company in the field of industrial automation. We provide the practical and professional training on latest hardware and software which fulfil the need of candidate or professionals

  • Understanding of Basic Motor Speed control working
  • Learn the AC Drive Circuits & Drawing reading
  • Learn about various parameters of AC Drives
  • Practise the usage of AC Drives.
  • Various Starting & Stopping methods of motor via AC Drives
  • Usage of AC Drives in the industry
  • Installation, Do’s & Don’t with AC Drives
  • Learn the Drawing reading & designing
  • Understand the nomenclatures
  • Understand the Safety Precautions, norms
  • Do’s & don’t in Panel designing.
  • Basics of PLC
  • PLC Programming
  • Communication with PLC
  • Basic of HMI
  • Types of HMI
  • Installation & usage of HMI

  • Industrial Automation Training Course - Lesson 1: Industrial Basics
    • Basic Concepts
    • Electrical Elements
    • Digital Signals and Logic
    • Time and Frequency
    • Measurements
    • Single Phase
    • Three Phase
    • 11KV
    • 33 KV
    • Safety Phenomena
    • Electrical Switchgears
    • Selection of Electric Items
  • Industrial Automation Training Course - Lesson 2: AC Motors & AC Drives
    • AC motors, operations & Limitations
    • Motor Starters : DOL, Star-Delta, Auto Transformer
    • Motor control circuits, interlocking circuits
    • Introduction to AC drives & applications
    • Criteria for drives selection
    • Parameter Programming
    • Designing of drive control panel
    • Communication with PLC, SCADA Software
    • Fault finding / troubleshooting
    • Soft starters & their advantages over conventional starters
  • Industrial Automation Training Course - Lesson 3: Panel Designing & Drawing
    • Introduction to switch gears & accessories
    • Basics of control & power drawings
    • General protection involved in panel
    • Load management (connected load, running load, load factor)
    • Meters (Ammeter, Volt Meter, PF & K W Meter etc.)
    • Preparation of general arrangement diagrams, busbar sizing & selection
    • Electrical protection
    • Preparation of power & control circuits
    • General wiring guidelines / practices
    • Maintenance & troubleshooting of control circuits in live panels
    • Designing Power & Control Drawing
  • Industrial Automation Training Course - Lesson 4: PLC 
    • PLC Fundamentals
    • PLC Hardware & Architecture
    • Source & sink Concepts
    • Wiring Different field Devices to PLC
    • Introduction to PLC Programming software
    • Creating new application, addressing
    • Programming Languages
    • Basic Programming Instructions
    • Advance Instructions
    • Upload / Download / Monitoring
    • Forcing of I/Os
    • Fault finding / troubleshooting & documentation
    • Communication with SCADA software
    • Hands on experience on real time applications
  • Industrial Automation Training Course - Lesson 5: HMI
    • Getting started with HMI
    • Creating applications, creating tags
    • Downloading / uploading programs
    • Creating alarm messages
    • Communication with PLC
    • Fault diagnostics 


2 Days of Training
6 Hours of Training Daily

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The program was really very interactive

Vikas Narian
Bhavani NIketan Engineering College Jaipur