Are you looking to learn more about the capabilities, features and functionality of the Ada programming language? Introduction to the Ada Programming Language is a 5 day training class designed to show you exactly what the Ada programming language has to offer when developing complex software systems

Ada95, a major revision to the original 1983 language standard, was completed and published in February 1995, bringing to the Ada user the benefits of a decade of experience in programming language design in general and Ada83 use in particular.

This course covers all elements of programming in Ada95. The entire language is presented as an integrated entity, rather than via a style of “Ada83 plus these new features”. The course presents not only syntax and semantics but also the rationale for specific design choices and the programming styles that best exploit them.

  • Provide an awareness of the features of the Ada95 programming language


  • Describe the syntax and semantics of the Ada95 programming language

  • Enable attendees to appreciate the benefits of the Ada95 programming language

  • To understand the structure of Ada applications

  • Use Ada's object-oriented programming features to develop extendable solutions to real-world scenarios

  • Apply Ada's concurrency features to solve real-time programming problems

  • Use Ada's re-use features to implement software components of general applicability

  • Understand the specialised facilities provided by the standard annexes

  • ADA Programming Training Course Outline:

    • Getting Started

    • Program Structure


    • The Integer Type Variable


    • Logical Compares & precedence

    • Control Structures


    • Additional Scalar Types

    • Derived Types


    • Subprograms


    • Blocks and Scope of variables


    • Arrays


    • The Character & String Type


    • Records


    • The Access Type Variable


    • Input/output


    • Packages


    • Exceptions


    • Advanced Subprogram Types


    • Advanced Array Types


    • Advanced Record Types


    • Advanced Packages & Private Types


    • Binary Input/output


    • Generic Subprograms


    • Generic Packages


    • Representation Clauses


  • Rational Test Real Time Training Course Outline


    • Introduction to Structural Coverage analysis


    • Introduction


    • Overview of Test Tool


    • Introduction to TDP (Does not include TDP creation)


    • RTRT Files

    • Test script or Test Plan or PTU file


    • Test Report


    • Coverage Report


    • Test Setup using RTRT


    • Test File creation (PTU file),


    • Includes RTRT script syntax like creating variables, arrays, stubs etc


    • Test Execution Using RTRT


    • Unit and Component Testing Using RTRT


    • Inputs Required


    • Stubs


    • Outputs


    • Overview of System Testing using RTRT


    • Hands on Training with RTRT using Ada language


    • Difference between host and target execution


2 Days of Training
6 Hours of Training Daily

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The program was really very interactive

Vikas Narian
Bhavani NIketan Engineering College Jaipur