PLC WIRING Training Program Offer

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Hurry Up!!

Limited Time Offer Fee : Rs. 499.

Duration : 12 Hours

For Registration Call on 9314494127

Venue: Seldom India Training Jaipur Centre

21, Pratap Nagar Colony, Near Glass Factory, Tonk Road, Jaipur


About Panel with every equipment details

  • About MCB
  • SMPS
  • PLC
  • Wirings, Lugs, Channels, Connectors
  • Relay
  • Understanding the Connection of PLC panel

Control Panel Designing

  • Different types of panels.
  • Basic components to be installed in a panel.
  • Specification and physical dimension of components.
  • Earthing and cabling of panels- standard procedures.

Wiring & Its Concepts

  • Wiring details of panel.
  • Wiring details of panel.
  • Understanding the Gauge
  • Wire Gauge Calculation

Designing & Labelling

  • P&i diagram preparation.
  • Listen to the Diagrams
  • Understanding the Symbols
  • Types of Drawing
  • Symbols

Connections and routing

  • General
  • Conductor and cable runs
  • Conductors of different circuits

Hardware Connections

  • Component mounting rails
  • Plastic trunking
  • Connector blocks
  • Screw terminals

PLC Wiring

  • Installation
  • Power supply wiring
  • Earthing
  • Wiring of inputs and outputs
For Registration Call on 9314494127

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