MS Excel Workshop for Business Owners

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MS Excel Workshop for Business Owners

The main objective of this workshop is to make the aspiring candidates acquainted with the conceptual as well as practical knowledge of the MS Excel & latest Tips & Tricks being used to achieve Faster Performance. The idea of organizing this workshop is to inculcate the Advanced fundamentals of Excel in the Candidates.

Why MS Excel Workshop?

MS Excel is everywhere you look in the business world especially in areas where people are adding up numbers a lot, like marketing, business development, sales, and, of course finance. Weather it is about extracting data from back-end systems and shoving it around in Excel spreadsheets, r compiling data from the field, it is there everywhere.

Ask any working professionals, person unaware of excel is just treated as Second Grade Citizen, In-spite of having all the experience you have gathered in the decades or the degrees you have earned over the years or of the matter of the fact all the awards lying in your showcase, all are worth less if you do not know speedy work on your workstation.

Reporting is the new dragon of the corporate world, no matter in which position you work, you have to report, may be to your boss, or to your stake holders, or to your clients, but have to report. No one allows you to sleep without reporting.

Workshop's Key Learning

  • Speedy data analysis
  • Better Understanding of MIS
  • Time Saving in Office Work
  • Reaching deep into data and seeing the unseen truth of your business.
  • Learn to Create Smart Solution for your daily office work

Who Should Join?

This workshop is best suited for professionals & beginners falling under following categories (but not limited to) :-
Accounts, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, HR, IT professionals, Chartered Accountants, Project Managers, Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Secretaries, Students of professional courses gearing up for campus placements and jobs, Tech savvy Business owners, and for all those who want to make their life easy with the use of this beautiful tool.  .

Trainer Profile:

Kartavya Jain (Ex Regional Head , Ultratech Cement , Aditya Birla Group) has vast amount of experience in MS Excel Training. He has Trained in various organization including Hero Group, Daikin, Yokohama, CMC, TATA Group & many more. for more details Click here

Certification Policy:

  • At the end of this workshop, a small competition will be organized among the participating students and winners will be awarded with a 'Certificate of Excellence'.


  • 3 Day Workshop on 1 - 3 October 2018 (10:30 AM - 05:00 PM)


Seldom India Jaipur Centre


Registration Charges

  • Rs. 1500/-  for 3 Day Workshop with Lunch & High Tea

Please Pay the Fee on Paytm to confirm your seat


30 Seats only

Topics to be covered in this Session:

  • MS Excel Training Course - Lesson 1: Excel Basics
    • Formatting & Managing your Worksheet & workbook
    • Basic Formulas, Number Formats & Working
    • Working with Menus Tabs & Excel Advance Options

    MS Excel Training Course - Lesson 2: Formats, Conditional Formatting & Sorting

    • Cell Formatting
    • Data Bars, Colour Scales & Icon Sets,
    • Conditional formatting with formulas,
    • Sorting basic & advance
    • Filters Basic & Advance

    MS Excel Training Course - Lesson 3: Data Management

    • Data from other Sources
    • Data Validation and dealing with Invalid Data
    • Group and Outline Data,
    • Data Consolidation
    • Text to Column.
    • Removing Duplicates

    MS Excel Training Course - Lesson 4: Formulas & Functions

    • Text Formulas :Exact, Find,
    • Lookup Formulas :Vlookup, Hlookup, Lookup, Match etc..
    • Logical Formulas: If, AND, OR, NOR etc..
    • Date & Time Formulas : Today, Now, Years, etc..
    • Financial, Math ,Trig , Index, Formulas etc..
    • How & when to apply Nested Functions

    MS Excel Training Course - Lesson 5 Chart & Graphs

    • Chart Basics: What, When & How
    • Why to use Line Chart
    • Most Commonly used: Column Chart
    • Typical Spark lines

    MS Excel Training Course - Lesson 6 Data Analysis

    • Creating a PivotTable,
    • Specifying the Data a PivotTable Analyzes
    • Changing a PivotTable's Calculation
    • Selecting What Appears in a PivotTable
    • Grouping Dates in a PivotTable,
    • Updating a PivotTable
    • Formatting and Charting a PivotTable
    • Scenario Modelling
    • Goal Seek

    MS Excel Training Course - Lesson 7: Automating your Work

    • Introduction to Form Controls,
    • Macros: Introduction to Form Controls,
    • Macros, Create and Edit a Macro.
    • Automating Tasks with Macros
    • Recording a Macro
    • Playing a Macro and Assigning a Macro a Shortcut Key
    • Adding a Macro to a Toolbar
    • Working with Other Programs
    • Inserting an Excel Worksheet into a Word Document
    • Modifying an Inserted Excel Worksheet
    • Inserting a Linked Excel Chart in a Word Document
    • Inserting a Graphic into a Worksheet

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